In the latest special report from Onvia, 10 Hotspots in Government Contracting for 2017, our market research team discovered that disaster response and storm cleanup bids and RFPs from state and local agencies ranked as the 6th government spending hotspot in 2017.

Disasters can include naturally occurring events like earthquakes, floods and hurricanes – but also human-caused disruptions of services such as cyber-attacks. With both kinds of events occurring with more regularity, there has been a push for greater resources, training and supplies for disaster preparedness and response across all levels of government.

Cities, Counties, States All Seek Disaster Cleanup Contractors

While the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and federal contracting are often thought of first when it comes to the government’s role in responding to disasters, regional governments are also required to prepare state and local disaster awareness, preparedness and response. In fact, data from Onvia’s B2G Intelligence System (B2GIS) found that disaster response and storm cleanup bids and RFPs rose by 14% last year.

disaster services bids & rfps

Disaster cleanup contractors and debris removal contractors alike can find some of the largest areas of opportunity at the city government level. Cities are both leveraging advanced technology to be more aware of potentially impending disasters, and using data to determine where to best allocate their resources and pinpoint where a rapid disaster response is most crucial.

In most cities, the question of a natural disaster is not typically a question of ‘if,’ it is a question of ‘when.’ Since you can’t prevent it entirely, the best you can do is to try to mitigate it and help your community recover quickly.

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Examples of Disaster Services Bids and RFPs

There is a clear southward tilt in the distribution of disaster services bids and RFPs. The Gulf States stand out due to their exposure to environmental threats, such as hurricanes and floods, with Florida leading with 22% of disaster assessment, disaster preparedness and disaster cleanup contracts, and Louisiana and Texas tied for second.

Top 10 States for Disaster Services Bids & RFPs

You can find some recent examples of disaster services bids and RFPs below, all of which were drawn from the indispensable data collected in Onvia’s B2GIS.

  • Emergency Debris Monitoring Services – City of Coconut Creek, FL

Opportunities for debris monitoring and debris removal contractors are common in hurricane-prone states like Florida.

  • Disaster Management Response and Recovery Consulting Services – City of Long Beach, NY

With 37% of total government contracts for disaster services, cities are the most common type of agency releasing these bids and RFPs.

  • Debris Monitoring Services – Macon-Bibb County, GA

Government agencies at the county level were the second most-common, with 34% of disaster services bids and RFPs released.

  • Disaster Recovery Plan – City of Sacramento, CA

Not all disaster services contracts are in the south and east. Sacramento, potentially at risk of an earthquake, just released a recovery planning bid.

Use Onvia’s Data to Win Government Contracting Leads

We have found 9 other areas of government purchasing activity in 2017, each of which have seen considerable growth in bids and RFPs and which cover a broad range of industries.

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