In case you missed it, Onvia recently surveyed over 550 procurement staff from cities, counties, special districts, state agencies and school districts nationwide. The full report with the complete results is available here.

Onvia conducted this survey of government procurement professionals to provide useful insights for both buyers and sellers in the business-to-government (B2G) marketplace. The survey results highlight important trends and issues in government procurement, and provide key findings for both the agencies who buy products and services, and for the businesses who sell to them.

The Survey Methodology and Demographics

To design the methodology for this report we referenced the National Institute for Government Procurement (NIGP) Business Council’s research titled “Everybody Wins: Crafting a Solicitation that Fosters Transparency, Best Value, and Collaborative Partnership.” We focused on highlighting findings particularly in the areas of encouraging more business participation in the government buying process, the importance of customer service and efficient purchasing.

To achieve these objectives, an online survey was conducted with procurement professionals and key decision makers from state, county & city agencies, and school & special districts nationwide.

Here’s a profile of the survey participants:

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Profile of Onvia's Government Agency Procurement Survey Participants

The Importance of this Report for the B2G Marketplace

The findings in this report will enable government agencies and businesses to better understand the current contracting environment and to make more informed decisions. Government buyers and contractors will learn about the needs and issues of each audience and will gain deeper insight into the nature of B2G commerce. 

Procurement professionals will: 

  • Learn about specific areas of growth in purchasing activity
  • Gain insight to understand buying trends/directions
  • Discover constraints and concerns in the procurement community
  • Consider solutions to improve procurement effectiveness

Businesses will:

  • Explore the procurement process from the perspective of the buyer
  • Understand key buying trends and agency needs
  • Identify bid process differences across various agency types
  • Learn how to prioritize target agencies for marketing and sales efficiency

Ready to Learn More?

Onvia published this report to help the procurement community and vendors selling products and services to them work more efficiently together. Route Fifty and Public Spend Forum are already using the analysis in this report to help their audiences stay on top of procurement best practices. Are you ready to read the report and learn more?

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