The saying goes, “Everything is bigger in Texas,” and in government contracting that often holds true.

Companies that do business with the government in Texas certainly have more contracting opportunities than almost anywhere else. Onvia tracked more than 32,700 awarded contracts in Texas in 2016, and more than 15,000 issued contracts in the same time period. Many of those contracts are tied to public safety, including border security – always a big topic in a state with a 1,255-mile-long border with Mexico.

Border Security Investment Creates Opportunity for Businesses

With a great deal of talk surrounding President Trump’s border wall, but no action as of yet coming from the federal side, the State of Texas is poised to spend approximately $800 million on its state border security for the 2018-19 fiscal years – the same amount that was approved for 2016-17.

Most of this funding, about $694 million, will go to the Texas Department of Public Safety. This money includes $146 million for DPS officers and $97 million for the hiring of additional troopers. Additional money in the budget is allocated for other forms of border security and anti-gang activities. This means there’s plenty of government contracting bids and RFPs out there for businesses in Texas that provide products and services related to border security.

Some of these opportunities are in support of those providing security at the border, and companies providing janitorial services are among those that can take advantage. For example, the Department of Homeland Security recently awarded a $100,000+ contract for commercial trash services at the Del Rio Sector Border Patrol and Stations to Knox Waste Services, LLC.

Public Safety a Priority for Texas State, Local and Education Governments

There are plenty of other ways Texas agencies are budgeting to safeguard the safety of their citizens.

As a whole, the state spent $5B in public safety and corrections in 2015. While the bids and RFPs that are tied to this spending can come at all levels of state, local and education (SLED) government contracting, the greatest number of these public safety contracting opportunities come at the state level – including Texas’s many public universities.

One recent example comes from Texas A&M University, which just put out a bid for fire protection and life safety upgrades, including plumbing and mechanical work, architectural and engineering services and the installation of a fire protection system. And at the city level, the City of Austin just awarded Redquartz USA, LLC a $222,000 contract to provide a safety management system.

The bottom line? When the State of Texas invests in public safety to protect its citizens, government contracting vendors in a number of industries can benefit.

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