The State, Local and Education (SLED) Procurement Snapshot for Q3 2017 was just released by Onvia’s research team, and the results were largely positive for firms that currently do, or are seeking to do business with the government.

Key among Onvia’s findings was that the SLED market experienced a third straight quarter of strong growth. While the overall market did cool slightly, the rate of year-over-year growth in published government bids and RFPs was still 3.1%, a positive sign for business that get a large portion of their revenue from government contracting opportunities.

Included in Onvia’s latest research is an infographic that measures the quarterly growth rate of published bids and RFPs over the last six months in 12 major industry groups. A complimentary copy of that infographic is available to download below.

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Environmental Services Leads All Industries With 11.5% Growth in Government Contracting Opportunities

Although growth in government bids and RFPs has been continuous throughout most of 2017, the same industries have not always been growing at the same rates. In fact, some industries that experienced slowdowns early in 2017 have seen their rates of bids and RFPs increase in recent months.

Four industries, listed below, saw a growth in purchasing activity of more than 6% from Q3 of 2016 to Q3 of 2017:

  • Environmental Services: The fastest-growing industry in government contracting for Q3 was the #1 ranked industry for both state and local agencies at 11.5% growth.
  • Healthcare: This category saw the lowest rates of growth in Q2 of 2017, but in Q3 it rebounded with a growth rate of 8.5% overall.
  • Education: Growing at a rate of 8.3%, education bids and RFPs were, unsurprisingly, particularly strong from education-related government agencies.
  • Professional Business Services: For the second straight quarter business services were the 4th-ranked overall industry, with a growth rate of 6.5% in Q3.

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Onvia’s research into state, local and education government contracting is the most comprehensive view of this fragmented and complex marketplace available.

Our Q3 SLED report contains an examination of the impact that an unusually strong hurricane season had on government spending. It also includes a special feature from infrastructure expert Mary Scott Nabers on new developments at the federal level, the outlook for public-private partnerships (P3s), and updates on construction, architecture and engineering.

You can download a complimentary copy of Onvia’s State, Local and Education Procurement Snapshot for Q3 2017 by clicking the link below. Or you can sign up for a free consultation from one of our expert advisors and learn how your company could win more government contracts by leveraging our industry-leading sales acceleration and intelligence.

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