In March, Onvia published a record number of government bidding opportunities through our B2G Intelligence System (B2GIS). Onvia’s market research team also tracked the highest volume of state, local and education government bids and RFPs in our Q1 2017 procurement snapshot.

This quarter’s edition features a new regional growth tracker that measures bid and RFP growth rates by state. Leaders in sales, marketing, business development and sales operations at companies who pursue business with the government can use this tracker to identify where their next big contract might be waiting, and to determine new territories to grow their public sector sales.

17 States Published 10% or More Bidding Opportunities in Q1

The tracker uses the same data available in our B2GIS that our clients enjoy, including the ability to search and filter through hundreds of thousands of federal, state, local and education government contract leads by region and level of government.

The results show a map where 17 states, including Kansas, Louisiana and Pennsylvania (just to name a few), saw the volume of published government bidding opportunities grow by more than 10% in Q1 2017 vs the same quarter last year. This is further evidence of a growth in the total volume of government bids and RFPs across all industries.

Click below to download your copy of this free, easy-to-share infographic to discover the 17 states that saw high growth and the 16 more that grew moderately from 1-9%.

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SLED Q1 2017 infographic

Expand Your Sales Footprint with Public Sector Sales Intelligence Sortable by Region

We publish these reports every quarter to help companies of all sizes, from small businesses to global enterprises, grow their public sector sales. When combined with Onvia’s sales intelligence technology specialized for doing business with the government, this analysis gives companies a competitive advantage in identifying, pursuing and winning more government bidding opportunities. The infographic provides a glimpse into the level of insight and data filtering that our clients in a wide range of industries use for competitive research and public sector market analysis.

Click the link below for your complimentary copy of Onvia’s “State and Local Procurement Snapshot for Q1 2017” to learn more about where your next government bidding opportunity might be waiting. Or simply request a free consultation to have one of our expert advisors walk you through how our sales acceleration technology can help your company secure more government contracts – no matter which state you do business in.

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