Onvia will be hitting the road from August 22 to October 18 on a 10-city roadshow across the nation. Onvia On Tour: Connecting Business and Government Across America will bring hundreds of sales, marketing and data leaders together to discover information, processes and strategies to help grow their business-to-government (B2G) pipelines and accelerate their public sector sales.

Selling and marketing to government comes with its own complexities: bureaucratic policies, shorter bidding cycle times, increased competition and overworked government buyers trying to do more with less – just to name a few. Despite these challenges, the B2G market is hot and offers plenty of revenue opportunity for proactive businesses in multiple industries and for companies of all sizes.

We're hosting this series of events for business leaders to hear success stories and insights from like-minded peers, government officials and industry experts. Attendees will also discover the data, analytics and technologies that allow them to be more proactive when pursuing government contracts.

The events feature speakers and attendees including successful public sector vendors, government experts and procurement officials. We will be joined by representatives from companies like Siemens, General Motors and United Rentals sharing their strategies and success stories in public sector sales. We’ll also host a lineup of speakers who are experts and leaders in B2G such as Michael Cockrill, Washington State CIO; Gregory Spearman, City of Tampa Chief Procurement Officer; and Tammy Rimes, Executive Director of National Cooperative Procurement Partners.

Join Onvia On Tour to Network with Experts, Discover Innovations and Develop Sales Strategies

In each city, participants will have the opportunity to hear success stories from companies that are outpacing their competition and accelerating sales to the public sector.

Attendees will network with fellow sales & marketing professionals accountable for go-to-market execution in B2G, and connect with a panel of government procurement professionals, consultants and influencers. They’ll learn about the trends, data, technologies and strategies to grow their pipeline of government contracts. And they’ll be the first to see the exciting new technologies that Onvia is adding to its leading sales intelligence and acceleration platform.

The tour will kick off on August 22 in Seattle, and includes stops aligned with two major procurement events, the NIGP Forum and the NPI Annual National Conference. The full Onvia On Tour schedule is below:


August 22, 2017


Salt Lake City

August 27, 2017


San Jose

September 7, 2017



September 12, 2017



September 14, 2017


New York

October 3, 2017


Washington DC

October 5, 2017



October 10, 2017



October 17, 2017


New Orleans

October 18, 2017



This is an exciting initiative supported by collaborative alignment across every department in our company. We look forward to engaging with our clients and prospects in these major B2G city hubs for government contracting in the Federal, state, local and education markets.