At the recent SMPS conference, we surveyed attendees about how they win government business. The results show an interesting trend: looking for and responding to bids and RFPs takes a large percentage of your time leaving little room for research and targeted strategies. Yet, the companies using the business intelligence available to develop strategies and make smart decisions are getting in early and showing consistent success in the government marketplace.


89% of respondents said you look at agency sites for new bids and RFPs when looking for new government business opportunities.

SMPS new bids and rfps


48% of you spend the bulk of your time responding to bids. Researching new opportunities and targeted strategies each came in at 20% and, 10% of the time is spent researching the competition.

SMPS time spent


67% said you have an average of just two weeks to respond to a bid and only 10% have three or four weeks to respond.

SMPS average amount of time


78% of the agency relationships in companies are handled through your Business Development departments with CEOs and Principals running a close second.


Researching competitive information was close with Industry Publications leading Competetor Websites by a few points as the main resource.

SMPS competitive intelligence

Finally, when asked what you would like to be able to do more of in your jobs, the overwhelming number one on the wish list was to get in early in order to build a response strategy prior to the release of the opportunities.

There are thousands of government business opportunities available at the state and local level. In order to win more government business, there are several key steps:

  • Do the research to determine where your company offers the most value
  • Identify the agencies to work with and then develop agency relationships
  • Use competitive intelligence to differentiate your company
  • Prepare a best-in-the-business response

Onvia tracks these opportunities and, additionally, provides the business and competitive intelligence you need to position your company to win more government business.

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