It’s time to give our product some “airtime” on the Onvia blog. Sure, Onvia’s beautifully crafted, in-depth white papers provide you with great insights into the world of government procurement, but when it’s time to get down to brass tacks and win business today, it’s good to know how Onvia’s suite of government business intelligence solutions can make that happen. Recently we rolled out Onvia 7.7 and with it a number of new changes. In this first edition of “What’s New with Onvia” we highlight the new enhancements in the release for the export functionality. As with any “big data” or “business intelligence” resource, being able to easily access, analyze and use the data in ways unique and useful to your business is paramount. The ability to export search results from Onvia’s platform is a valuable tool so you can use Onvia data in a more integrated way within your own organization – you will want to effectively summarize opportunities, quickly build pivot tables and import agency contacts into CRM tools for lead management just to name a few. As part of this new release, we gathered client feedback regarding exports to come up with specific updates including: Improved accessibility, data portability and importing with other platforms like SalesForce. We made the export enhancements as well as some additional great refinements to Agency Center, Spending Forecast Center, Term Contract Center and Vendor Center. We invite you to check out our Onvia 7.7 Release Notes for more detailed information about these changes. Thanks for reading and we hope you learned a bit about “What’s New with Onvia.” For more product information and helpful tips for using the Onvia platform, check out some of our great video tutorials.