Infrastructure bids and RFPs in the public sector have been on the rise in 2016 and 2017, as Onvia’s market research team found in its recent special report, Sizing Up B2G Infrastructure: Government Contracts & Investments for 2017-18.

An increased focus on infrastructure projects has created opportunities for businesses that sell to the government in the construction sector. These can benefit businesses of all sizes: Small and midsize companies can seek out local government bids for areas like landscaping and road construction, while larger, enterprise firms can take advantage of the bounty of larger projects that are planned for 2017-18.

Slight Drop in Government Construction Contracts, but Growth Areas Remain

The overall number of construction bids and RFPs, for both products and services, dipped slightly in 2016, dropping less than 1% to a total of approximately 213,000.

The greatest number of those construction bids and RFPs comes at the city level, with 37% of contracts from SLED (state, local and education) agencies. States come in second at 26%.

Bids/RFPs by level of gevernment

Construction of buildings and general facilities was the most common kind of construction project, with 42% of bids and RFPs, but projects for roads and infrastructure (33%) and utilities construction (18%) were found frequently as well.

Small and midsize construction companies have a great deal of opportunity to do business with the government – in fact, 68% of all construction projects had a value of less than $500,000. But larger firms can rest assured that there are large government construction contracts out there, too. Onvia’s sales intelligence platform surfaced more than 23,000 individual projects worth at least $1M that are planned for 2017-18, including nearly 3,000 worth more than $25M.

Pipeline of larger projects planned for 2017-18

One other area to keep in mind is the long-discussed potential injection of public- and private-sector investment in infrastructure. While it may take some time for President Trump’s infrastructure package to become a reality in some form, there is a clear focus on public-private partnerships (P3s), meaning a growth in P3 construction projects could, eventually, be around the corner.

Onvia’s Sales Intelligence Helps Construction Firms Get Ahead of the Bid

If your company works in the construction industry, or anything else related to infrastructure, our market research, advanced technology and sales intelligence give you the tools you need to streamline your sales process and proactively fill your pipeline. Our architecture, engineering and construction clients are already doing just that:

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Larry Johnson, Production Manager, The Corradino Group

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