The recent report from the research team at GovWin+Onvia, 10 Hotspots in Government Contracting for 2018, dives deep into the state, local, and education (SLED) government contracting market to uncover pockets growing at the fastest rates.

One of those areas profiled is that of providing uninterruptable power supply systems, also known as UPS. Data from the GovWin+Onvia platform showed that these types of state and local government bids and RFPs rose by 39%, year-over-year, from 2016 to 2017.

Providing Continuous Power Bids & RFPs ~ GovWin+Onvia

Why Providing Uninterruptable Power is Important for States, Cities, and Counties

The age of technology has meant that government agencies rely more on power than ever before. New developments like massive data centers, cloud computing, high-speed Ethernet connections, and the Internet of Things (IoT) have created new challenges, like how to handle losses of power in situations where every second counts.

Critical aspects of governance like emergency communications equipment and IT servers are driving increased demand for UPS equipment and installation. The market for these products and services is growing and appears unlikely to slow down in the next several years.

…in the long run, the need for good quality, uninterrupted power for machine-critical industrial applications, combined with growth in Ethernet-based connections… will boost the demand for the industrial UPS market.

ARC Advisory Group

The largest IT systems and data centers are maintained at the state levels, but government agencies of all types are investing more in ensuring their critical technology functions receive continuous power. 27% of bids and RFPs issued for uninterruptible power supply systems in the last two years came from state agencies, 26% from cities, and 24% from counties.

Where to Find Continuous Power Bids and RFPs

Data taken from the GovWin+Onvia platform showed that government contracts for uninterruptible power supply systems can be found across the country, with more bids and RFPs found in states with large populations and expansive urban areas. California, Texas, New York, and Florida were the 4 states with the greatest percentage of these contracts.

Top 10 States for Providing Continuous Power Bids & RFPs ~ GovWin+Onvia

We found several recent examples of bids and RFPs tied to providing continuous power in our database of government contracting opportunities, found among different types of government agencies:

  • Board – Power, Uninterruptible Power Supply – Los Angeles County, CA
    The Metro Transit Authority for Los Angeles County had a requirement for electric and electronic components and parts for an uninterruptible power supply.
  • Electrical Power Continuity – State of Massachusette
    The Executive Office for Administration and Finance, Massachusetts, allotted more than $500K in its FY 2017-2021 Capital Investment Plan for electrical power continuity.
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems – City of Lubbock, TX
    Even smaller city government agencies have needs for uninterruptible power, such as the City of Lubbock, which just released such a bid for the city’s Water Systems Operations.

Full Report Highlights 10 Growth Areas for Doing Business with the Government

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