Onvia’s market research team found that government bids and RFPs related to preparing sites for construction ranked as the 7th overall hotspot for government contracting in our latest report, 10 Hotspots in Government Contracting for 2017.

While we found in our 2017 forecast that the annual spending on construction of roads and other public structures had dropped by 20% since 2010, in Q4 ’16, the state and local market began to recover. This contributed to a 14% rate of growth in bids and RFPs for preparing sites for construction.

Preparing sites for construction bids and rfps

Infrastructure Investment Should Lead to Even More Bids for Grading Services

With more than $936 billion needed for immediate infrastructure investment, governments are taking action. Voters passed more than $200 billion in new tax initiatives in November 2016, and the Trump administration has proposed a $1 trillion stimulus initiative to spur more construction, architecture and engineering projects.

There is widespread evidence of support for infrastructure spending... along with new funding for projects that public officials are eager to launch… government contractors are preparing for what promises to be a much better year ahead [in 2017].

Mary Scott Nabers, industry expert

One of the most important types of contracts in these industries is land grading services, which takes place during site preparation phrase of a construction project. Major infrastructure projects, like building roads and bridges, often take at least 1-3 years to fully complete – and the projects can’t begin until the land is prepared. Firms angling to win more construction bids and RFPs can use grading services as a leading indicator of when larger, full-scale design and construction bidding opportunities will appear, allowing proactive national or local construction companies to get a step ahead.

Data pulled from Onvia’s B2G Intelligence System (B2GIS) shows that 66% of these site preparation projects were for traditional infrastructure, like roads and bridges. Another 22% were related to the construction of a building or other structure type, and 12% were purely land management or government landscaping contracts.

Examples of Grading Services Bids and RFPs

Data curated in Onvia’s B2GIS shows that construction preparation bids and RFPs can be found throughout the entire country. California, Minnesota, Texas, Pennsylvania and North Carolina were the top 5 states for issuing these kinds of contracts in 2016.

Top 10 States for preparing sites for construction bids & rfps

Below are several recent examples of bids and RFPs for grading services and other construction site preparation contracts, taken from data curated in Onvia’s B2GIS.

  • US 301, Toll Infrastructure – Delaware Department of Transportation

Often, grading services bids and RFPs will not actually contain the text “grading services” in the title, but Onvia users can still find these projects with our tag-based search system.

  • Tree Planting and Grading Improvements – City of Chicago, IL

Grading services can be included with other landscape services in the same contract, such as in this recently released advance notice.

  • Grade, Drain and Surface County Road – Oklahoma Department of Transportation

State agencies, such as a state department of transportation (DOT), are the most common buyers of grading services at 41%.

  • Greenwood Building Demolition and Site Restoration – City of Seattle, WA

At 29%, city agencies like Seattle have the second-highest percentage of grading services contracts – making them a good target for smaller, local construction companies.

Vendors Can Use Industry Data to Win Government Contracting Leads

In our research, we revealed 9 other hotspot areas that have seen measurable growth in bids and RFPs that are likely to continue this year.

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