Onvia’s research team found that infrastructure bids and RFPs are rapidly becoming one of the top growth areas in public sector contracting, in the recent special report, Sizing Up B2G Infrastructure: Government Contracts & Investments for 2017-18.

Two key sectors in the government infrastructure market are architecture and engineering. Onvia has noted an increased number of high-value infrastructure projects being released by government agencies in both areas. While the growth rates in each sector are relatively flat, there are still enough positive signs that many vendors in architecture or engineering can reasonably expect to grow their public sector sales in 2017-18.

Bids and RFPs Up for Landscape Architecture, Master Plan Services

Architecture bids and RFPs dropped slightly in 2016 compared to 2015. Although the number of contracts released declined by a few hundred, a range of sectors within architecture still saw growth.

Bids/RFPs related to architecture

Sectors such as master plan services and landscape architecture saw an increased number of opportunities, and the market for government landscaping contracts continued to be one of the best areas for small businesses to get started in government contracting. On the other hand, architecture projects for parks and recreation were down slightly.

Cities continued to be the level of government releasing the most relevant bids and RFPs, with 40% of the total number of architecture contracts from within SLED (state, local and education) agencies.

Bids/RFPs by Level of Government

Going forward, the increased growth in infrastructure contracting, and potentially an injection of public- and private-sector investment, promises to offer more architecture contracting leads coming from the government. Many of those leads are for high-value projects: Onvia identified 2,887 individual projects planned for 2017-18 worth at least $1M in its B2G Intelligence System (B2GIS).

Slight Growth in Engineering Government Contracting Leads

The number of bids and RFPs for engineering products and services grew in 2016, although the rate of growth was smaller than it was in 2015. Some sectors within engineering saw a decline in government contracts, while others like environmental design and construction experienced positive growth.

Bids/RFPs related to enigineering

In fact, environmental services bids and RFPs made up the biggest portion of all SLED engineering contracts, with a 31% total share. Other types of contracts common within the engineering industry included infrastructure design, professional building services and sewer infrastructure engineering. Most of these contracts come at the state, county and city levels of government.

Since engineering projects can commonly be large in size and scope, it’s no surprise that there is a full pipeline of high-value opportunities in the public sector. Our B2GIS has tracked 6,515 such projects worth at least $1M expected to be released in 2017-18.

Pipeline of larger projects planned for 2017-18

Leverage Our Industry Intelligence to Grow Your Public Sector Business

If your company deals in the architecture or engineering industries, or anything else related to infrastructure, our market research – when coupled with our sales acceleration technology – is designed to make your public sector sales process more efficient and effective.

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