Successful vendors in B2G are using data to better understand their market and their competitors. That data must contain relevant, complete sets of government contracts up for bid or future bidding opportunities to give those vendors the best chance to grow their public sector sales.

Fortunately for Onvia’s clients, they already have access to the most comprehensive coverage of government spending in the industry. With in-depth data on government agencies and their purchasing activity, as well as 95% of published government spend and the fastest daily capture-to-publish cycle, the volume and value of our data is a key part of Onvia’s opportunity advantage.


Onvia Clients Enjoy Access to More Government Contracts Up for Bid

Onvia’s B2G Intelligence System (B2GIS) is an unmatched sales acceleration tool for businesses that sell to government agencies. It processes data from federal, state, local and education agencies, and enables publication of 90% of government solicitations in 24 hours or less from when the agency issued the bid or RFP.

Companies like Global Traffic Technologies – a manufacturer of traffic and emergency response products - are taking advantage, leveraging the B2GIS to expand their public sector sales strategies. “We have 10 sales reps today and Onvia is like having 10 more,” said Trish Logue, Director of Marketing for GTT. “We receive real opportunities with Onvia, $100,000 to $250,000 contracts, that we would have missed otherwise.”

Onvia has increased our pipeline by 30%... Onvia has changed the way I research. I can search for new opportunities using a variety of key phrases and discover opportunities that I never would have thought of. You can do this all day and still not exhaust this tool. I love it!

Trish Logue, Director of Marketing, Global Traffic Technologies

Everbridge is another example of a private business growing their government business thanks to the quantity and quality of Onvia’s data. A leading provider of incident-communication systems, Everbridge needs quick and comprehensive access to RFPs newly issued in its target markets, and assurance that it isn’t missing any relevant opportunities to bid on government contracts.

Onvia has allowed us to identify 70% more RFPs.

Robert Hernandez, Proposal Writer, Everbridge

According to proposal writer Robert Hernandez, the company tried out multiple services to locate government contracting leads, before determining that “Onvia’s is far superior.”

Get the Quality Data You Need to Win in B2G

Onvia captures quality data on a daily basis from thousands of agencies across the country, and even sources contracting data directly from our government agency partners through our Onvia Exchange and DemandStar platforms.

The vast amounts of data that we collect are processed through state-of-the-art algorithms, and with the help of our proprietary ontology, it becomes actionable sales intelligence on the government marketplace that clients simply can’t live without.

Interested in learning how to use our data to succeed in selling to the government? Request a free consultation with one of our industry experts to discover how you can win more government contracts up for bid and accelerate your public sector sales.