Mobile application development in the private sector is a hot market – brands are embracing mobile apps as a way to connect with their customers in new ways. Granicus' Government and the Mobile Advantage white paper states that "In 2014 there will be more mobile subscriptions than people on earth. So, while that covers just about everybody, the real question is what are people doing with mobile internet access?" Government agencies are also starting to take advantage of mobile apps as a means to better connect with their constituency. Many agencies across the country have built mobile apps to serve various needs. Some of the most widely endorsed apps are designed to provide a quick solution to address a number of typical issues affecting governments today such as: enabling community participation, increasing efficiency in document management and improved transparency in the government process. Onvia looked into the state of mobile government application development based on our extensive coverage of government procurement data. The following infographic provides a look into the government mobile application market today including an example of a few recent awards in the mobile application development market, a three year look into procurement trends in mobile app development and a few key metrics on agency buyers, pain points and award amounts for this growing market. IT vendors and mobile app developers looking to grow their government business in the years ahead can learn more about Onvia’s solutions for IT software vendors on our Onvia Industries page dedicated to Public Sector IT Software Vendors. Those looking to learn more about mobility in the government can read our recent blog post: Governments Going Mobile to Create a Dialog with Citizens. We encourage you to share your thoughts on the government mobile app market in the comment section below and to share this infographic with your network by using the provided embed code or social buttons at the top of this blog post. Click Infographic to enlarge Embed this Infographic on your site