Meet Megan

Business Development Manager, Sales

In my role, I partner with BDMs to generate leads, qualify prospective clients and make it happen. I focus on the Infrastructure vertical.



I’m on a team of other BDMs and BDAs and my manager. We have strategy meetings about what accounts to focus on which helps me learn the business and provide them the company information that they want.


I know that I’ve done well when I see a company on the sales board that I have found and worked with. I know that if I don’t BDMs quality companies, they can’t make their numbers. When I do, everybody wins. I joke that without the BDAs sales wouldn’t happen. I cut out time that could be better spent by the BDM – I can find out the right customers to talk to and get the BDM on the phone. I love it when I find a company that isn’t in our system and then see them on the sales board and then they sign up. I know that I had a hand in that entire process.


My goal is to become a BDM – and this is what I am practicing for. I am developing my skill set to apply learnings as a BDM. I’ve learned a lot about what we do and what it can do to help customers. I have learned more about a consultative sales process; it’s more in-depth than I’ve sold before and I can apply these learnings for the rest of my sales career.

What keeps me here

I was referred to Onvia by an employee and at the time was specifically looking to get into B2B sales. Onvia seemed like the right fit for what I was looking for. I wanted to be in a place where I knew that my boss knew my name and I wasn’t just a number. I was looking for a place where I could grow. My CEO sits 10 feet away from me and we chat regularly. It is very friendly - I like my co-workers. I’ve been at jobs in the past where I didn’t like who I worked with and would go out of my way to avoid them. Now, I go out with my co-workers three times a week.

I also have a flexible schedule – I come in early and I leave early – to talk to people in my sector on the east coast. Especially nice in the summer – I pretty much have the whole day to do stuff. There are other types of SAAS companies where people have to make 80-100 calls a day – being a telemarketer is not for me. If you are looking for a real sales role where there is room to grow or you’ve been in sales and want to improve even further – this the place to be. Onvia invests in people and I really appreciate that.

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