Commonly Asked Questions

Onvia ( proactively delivers project leads and contact information from tens of thousands of local, municipal, state, educational and federal agencies. The company’s products and services include the Onvia Guide, a customized daily e-mail bulletin containing the latest government contracting opportunities that are specific to each client’s line(s) of business; and the Onvia Online Database, which lets clients search for bids and RFPs, term contracts, agency spending plans, and future project opportunities by keyword, industry, location and more.

Demandstar by Onvia (log in at is a separate service included with all Onvia subscriptions. Demandstar by Onvia connects businesses with nearly 400 government agencies that input bids and quotes directly into the DemandStar system. Many of these quotes are unavailable outside of Demandstar by Onvia, as they fall under the formal purchasing threshold.

Access to Demandstar by Onvia is included with an Onvia subscription and is also available in separate DemandStar subscriptions. Onvia offers vendors the ability to receive notifications from a single DemandStar member agency at no cost. To register online to join Demandstar by Onvia and to learn more about DemandStar subscription options, visit

If you have questions, please call your Onvia account manager. If you don’t know that manager’s direct number, call 1-800-711-1712.

  • You may have missed a bid for one of the following reasons:
  • You are not registered to receive notifications from the agency issuing the bid
  • You set up your profile not to receive notification messages
  • Your profile does not include the Commodity Code used by the purchaser to connect with vendors
  • Your network or Internet Service Provider blocked or quarantined the notification message for security reasons
  1. Log in to your account on the Demandstar by Onvia website,, and click on the link/tab labeled “Suppliers.
  2. Click on the link labeled “View Bids.” If you were notified of the project via e-mail, it will be displayed on the page entitled “Bids.”
  3. If the project is not displayed, select “All bids in the system” under “Search Criteria.”
  4. Under the field labeled “Bid Status,” select “Active.”
  5. Under the field labeled “Agency,” select the institution purchasing the goods or services and click on the “Search” button.
  6. To get bid details (including pre-bid conference information and commodity codes used for classification): Once you locate the project, find the column labeled “Actions,” and click on the link labeled “Details.”
  7. To download a document, including blueprints, find the column labeled “Actions” and click on the “Download/Order” button.

a) Click on the link “Download” or “Purchase.”

b) If the document does not open after you have clicked on the “Purchase” or “Download” link, try moving your cursor over the link and right-clicking on it, then selecting an option to print or save the document from the menu that is displayed.

If you are interested in a particular project you received via e-mail, click on the link provided in the e-mail.

  1. Log in to your account on the Demandstar by Onvia Web site, and click on the link/tab labeled “Suppliers.”
  2. Click on the link labeled “View Quotes” and locate the relevant quote.
  3. Click on the “Details” to obtain information and access the quote response form.
  4. If the quote you seek does not immediately display, click on the link in the column header labeled “Date Due” to change the date-ordering of the list.
  5. Enter the prices of your products in the available fields.
  6. Enter the expected delivery time of your products from time of order in the available Delivery field.
  7. Also, enter information in the Additional Supplier Details space, if necessary.
  8. Click the button labeled “Continue.” On the next page, review your quote prices, make any necessary changes and submit your quote.

If you received a notification via e-mail from an agency through Demandstar by Onvia, but do not have an active subscription on Demandstar by Onvia to view quotes, here’s what you can do:

  1. Call Onvia Supplier Services at 1-800-711-1712 and tell the representative that you received an e-mail notice informing you of a quote opportunity.
  2. Provide the Demandstar by Onvia Member ID Number from the last line of your notification message. (This is a six- or seven-digit number that indicates the precise location of the quote information stored in the system.)
  3. Request that the existing Supplemental Supplier record be converted to an Demandstar by Onvia Free Agency subscription for the purchasing institution that issued the quote.

Yes. Once you’ve logged into Demandstar by Onvia, click on the link/tab labeled “Suppliers,” then select “View Bids.”

  • To view Bid/ RFP status: On the Search Criteria page you’ll find a “Bid Status” drop box. Select the bid status to filter your bids. Status options are Active, Awarded, Cancelled, Deleted, Recommendation of Award, Rejected and Under Evaluation. Select the desired status and click “Search.”
  • To view competitors: Once you find the bid you are tracking, click on “Planholders link” in the “Actions” column on the right of your screen. This shows you who else has requested bid or RFP plans.

Log in to your account on the Demandstar by Onvia website at and click on the link/tab labeled “Account Info” to locate the Commodity Codes section. Click on the link labeled “Edit” to open a new page entitled “Commodity Codes: Select Bid Categories.”

  1. To add codes: Locate the “Search for Codes” section, enter a term in the “Search Criteria” space and click “Search.” Select the Commodity Codes pertinent to your business and click on the box for each Commodity Code you want to add. Click “Save.”
  2. To remove codes: Select a Code Description category highlighted in bold print, click on the “+” sign to display Class Descriptions and click on the “+” sign to display individual Commodity Codes. Click on the box for each Commodity Code to be removed, then click “Save.”

Log in to your account on the Demandstar by Onvia Web site, and click on the link/tab labeled
“Account Info” and locate the User Accounts section. Click on the link labeled “Edit” for the account to be modified.

  1. 1. To change member information: Click on the link/tab labeled “Account Info.” Locate the section requiring change. Modify or delete the information entered into the specific field on the page. Click “Save.”
  2. To change username: Delete the information entered into the Username field on the page, and enter the selected user name in the same space. Click “Save.”
  3. To change password: Delete the information entered into the Password fields on the page, and enter the selected password in the same spaces. Click “Save.”

For details not available on Demandstar by Onvia, call the purchasing agency. Contact information can be found in the advertisement for the bid or proposal.