Nate Merterns of Clarke Power Services Shared This Success Story at Onvia On Tour in Austin.

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The Challenge

Clarke has numerous contracting opportunities in the government space but to sort through all of them and find the right ones to pursue was impossible for Nate Mertens, Government Business Development Manager. Mertens tried finding bids through the Defense Logistics Agency. He also used a bid service and paid an annual fee, but was not happy with their system. Mertens said, “There’s so much out there to have you spinning your wheels - but then nothing happens.” Once he was introduced to Onvia, his entire workflow and approach to working in the public sector changed.

We earned $3.5 million in public sector sales with DLA bids. We now average $40 million with Onvia.

Nate Mertens, Government Business Development Manager
The Solution

Mertens no longer works alone; he has a dedicated team from Onvia. Onvia’s coverage, timeliness and relevancy paired with dedicated account managers for every client ensures Mertens that he does not miss any opportunities and provides the support to acquire hard-to-find information. “You want a team and realistic possibilities for your company,” said Mertens. Onvia’s functionality gives him the ability to review all the opportunities and narrow them down to the most relevant results. With Onvia, Mertens and his team can focus their time on writing proposals and winning awards instead of registering for monitoring opportunity updates from every state, county and city in their target market.

Mertens looks at his daily Onvia Guide to see the latest opportunities, however, “every week I’m gone for two days or more,” he says, “and when I’m on the road Onvia helps to keep me up to date.” Aside from comprehensive coverage of new opportunities, Mertens relies on Onvia’s Term Contract Center for market intelligence to build new relationships in the public sector. With Onvia’s Term Contract Center, Mertens can look up key information on contracts that are about to expire. Each year the Association of the United States Army holds a tradeshow in Washington, D.C. Before Mertens attended the show last year, he looked at the exhibitor list of prime contractors. He then went into Term Contract Center to uncover a list of the prime’s subcontractors on key contracts as well as their pricing information. At the show, he approached each prime contractor and pitched how he could win their business. As a result, “We are now subcontracting for all the big primes,” said Mertens. When asked about his result since partnering with Onvia he said, “We earned $3.5 million in public sector sales through DLA bids. We now average $40 million with Onvia.”

The Future

Clarke Power Services has developed a team equipped with Onvia to strategically use the intelligence to create custom searches to expand their footprint. Clarke Power Services’ future goals are to increase manufacturing and develop high quality fire pump engines and generators branded with the company’s name. As the company expands their business his team continues to grow. Mertens teaches his growing team how to successfully utilize Onvia. “It’s been outstanding to work with Onvia. It’s one of the best things for anyone who is new to working in the public sector, and for those who are well experienced. I love it.”