Executive Summary

FCS Group has seen Onvia’s sales intelligence specialized for doing business with the public sector make a direct impact on gaining new clients, expanding into new markets and improving processes. Onvia is the backbone to the company’s RFP qualification process and because of this, FCS Group directly attributes 65-70% of their award wins to Onvia.

Identifying the Right Opportunities for FCS Group

Scott Lester, Marketing and Business Development Director, joined FCS Group in 2010 as their Marketing Coordinator. Prior to his promotion to Manager, then Director, Scott was responsible for identifying qualified RFPs, writing competitive proposals and improving the award win-rate. Now, as Director, Lester discovers new opportunities for the marketing and sales teams to pursue.

I have a great deal of confidence that Onvia is providing the most complete set of data around a lead.

Scott Lester, Marketing and Business Development Director, FCS Group

FCS Group does business in the competitive architecture, engineering and construction space. “For most project study types, we have a good chance of winning,” Lester stated. “We just need to know about opportunities in order to compete.” Another concern for FCS Group is pursing the opportunities with the largest ROI potential. “Our resources allow us to work around 100 projects per year,” said Lester. “We want to ensure that we pursue the right opportunities that will be the most beneficial not only for us, but for our clients.”

Onvia Helps FCS Group Capture All Relevant Leads in a Single Location

Onvia helped FCS Group surface relevant leads that meet their specific qualifications in a timely manner. With bids and RFPs having short-turnaround times, 30 days or less in many instances, this part of the process is invaluable. Lester compared Onvia to his cup of coffee in the morning. “It’s the first thing I do every day – I have my cup of coffee and my dose of Onvia. By the time I finish my coffee in the morning, about 30 minutes, I’ve reviewed the daily email with my scrubbed leads and have passed them off to the appropriate team members for supplemental qualification. My brain gets going, and I get excited about the new opportunities as I review them. Onvia helps me get into my FCS state-of-mind.”

FCS Group appreciates the timeliness, accessibility and completeness of Onvia’s data. Lester sees Onvia’s data as the ultimate source of truth: “Onvia captures the most leads and 99% of leads pulled from other vendors are captured by Onvia. The breadth and depth of the detail associated with the leads makes Onvia unique.” As a utility rate and fee consulting firm, FCS Group looks for major build and design projects that will lead to rate studies in the future. A bid for a wastewater treatment plant design is seen as a future opportunity because the team knows that a rate study will follow.

More Leads, Bigger Wins and Expansion into New Territories

An Onvia client since 2007, FCS Group has seen improvements in workflow efficiency, increased revenue and long-term partnerships with brand-new clients. “65-70% of the awards won are directly attributed to Onvia,” Lester said. FCS Group has grown into 13 new markets with the data provided by Onvia. A few leads initially identified through Onvia became new, long-term, repeat clients for FCS Group that have now been with them for 5+ years. And Onvia has opened the doors for FCS Group to develop long-lasting relationships with many new customers, resulting in an increase of awarded sole source contracts. FCS Group is now revamping its sales processes for longer-term forecasting using Onvia’s future looking sales intelligence.

Onvia is the backbone of our RFP process, and because we saw success we are integrating Onvia’s intelligence into our forecasting models to accelerate our sales even further.

Scott Lester, Marketing and Business Development Director, FCS Group
About FCS Group

FCS Group was established in 1988 and provides utility rate and fee consulting services, financial planning and analysis, utility management consulting and economic services to public sector clients, including city and county governments, municipal corporations, ports, special purpose districts and state agencies. As an independent and objective firm, FCS Group delivers high-quality, cost-effective consulting services for more than 550 clients. The 25-person team in Redmond, Washington and Lake Oswego, Oregon serves clients throughout the western United States and Canada.

FCS Groups’s mission is to facilitate sound decision making and management by public sector officials and stakeholders. This is accomplished by providing a solutions-oriented, analytical approach to public sector financial and management programs.

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