The Challenge

The key to Global Traffic Technologies’ government sales strategy is to understand each city’s transportation needs and how up-to-date their transportation technologies are. “Our sales reps each have their own geographic area, but with the amount of rapid growth in opportunities out there it’s difficult to cover all agencies in each of our own regions of the map,” said Logue. GTT had to find a solution that would help them approach public sector sales strategically and discover sales opportunities in thousands of cities and towns across the country. “We were looking to discover government sales opportunities sooner and get in front of decision makers in a streamlined fashion,” said Logue. Prior to Onvia, Logue had used another vendor to try to solve these challenges. “It was such a disaster working with that vendor,” said Logue, “The software didn’t function correctly and contacting support was problematic. I had a different support person helping me each time I needed assistance and we weren’t able to use the tool effectively to address our needs.”

The Solution

Every morning, Logue and her team check their email and read through their daily Onvia Guide to see all of the new opportunities published or updated that day. Logue can dig deeper into the most qualified opportunities using Onvia’s Project Center to learn more about the project. Logue adds, "Onvia has changed the way I research. I can search for new opportunities using a variety of key phrases and discover opportunities that I would have never thought of. You can do this all day and still not exhaust this tool. I love it!"

After just over a year with Onvia, we have added millions of dollars of opportunity to our pipeline. The service pays for itself.

Trish Logue, Director of Marketing

Aside from discovering and researching active government sales opportunities, GTT can use Onvia to learn about opportunities much earlier in the planning and procurement cycle. Agencies start planning for major transportation improvement projects years before the RFP is issued and GTT needs to know about these projects as early as possible so they can start building relationships with the target agency in advance of the RFP. Logue and her team use Onvia’s Spending Forecast Center to discover upcoming transportation and traffic signal projects referenced in agency budgets and capital improvement plans and use the intelligence to build a future sales pipeline. “Onvia has increased our pipeline by 30%,” Logue shared.

When Logue spots an interesting project in her daily Onvia Guide or discovers a future project using Spending Forecast Center, she uses Onvia’s Agency Center product to find out who the decision makers are at that agency, access their contact information, identify which transportation engineers and technology vendors they are currently working with and research past transportation-related purchases from that agency. This approach allows Logue to more quickly research opportunities and determine which projects are the best fit for her firm to pursue. Onvia has allowed GTT to cover a greater portion of the state and local government market and engage in government sales opportunities earlier by learning about projects in the budget or planning stages, months or years ahead of an RFP. When asked about the impact Onvia has had on her team, Logue said “Onvia is like having more feet on the street. We have 10 sales reps today and Onvia is like having 10 more. We receive real opportunities with Onvia, $100,000 to $250,000 contracts that we would have missed otherwise.”

The Future

Global Traffic Technologies is changing the way cities move, and they are moving at a rapid pace. “We wanted a one-source solution to finding more government sales opportunities in the state and local market. Onvia saves us time in finding opportunities so we can spend more of our resources on the RFP process,” says Logue. GTT has a dedicated Onvia account specialist to ensure Logue and her team can maximize the value of the Onvia platform. With Onvia, Global Traffic Technologies is able to keep up with the growing demand of smart traffic technology in cities and states across the country and provide their products and services to help emergency responders navigate congested intersections more effectively, improving traffic flow, reducing accidents and ultimately save lives in emergency response situations.