For 20 years, Godbe Research has employed innovative research methodologies to assess market situations, evaluate public opinion and assist with the development of effective strategies.

Godbe ensures their customers receive the most reliable data from which to make sound strategic decisions. Godbe’s qualitative and quantitative primary and secondary research studies have been recognized nationally for producing results-oriented data across a wide variety of arenas including local government, transportation, education, libraries, political campaigns, corporate initiatives and healthcare. Godbe provides personalized service from seasoned researchers and the agility to mobilize resources to ensure customers’ projects are completed on time and on budget.

The Challenge

As a market and public opinion research firm in the public sector, Godbe Research experiences tough competition, very short turnaround times and hurdles when trying to expand into new territories and work with new agencies. Prior to Onvia, it was challenging for Godbe to get ahead of the competition. Public agencies can take days to send out an RFP through email or to post it on their website. The best strategy was to cold call agencies and spend hours fact-finding details about new bids and RFPs, all in time to compete for a project.

The Solution

Onvia has allowed Godbe Research be more strategic in meeting these challenges. With the Onvia solution, Godbe receives RFPs through email within 24 hours of a government agency posting them. With this timely intelligence, Godbe can pick and choose which agency to reach out to. “We got about 10 to 15 new clients that we have never worked with before,” said Charles Hester, VP of Business Development, Godbe Research.


Onvia has helped us to reach out to more public agencies – ones that we would not have known about. There's a whole level of government that are special districts that prior to Onvia we weren't tapped into.

Charles Hester, VP of Business Development

An addition to current RFPs, Godbe can use Onvia to view awards and RFP history from other research firms. This allows Hester to review and possibly partner with other firms on future projects, as well as strategically create lists of agencies for future opportunities.

The Future

Godbe Research has been an Onvia client for over 6 years, and by using Onvia they have increased their win rate to over 33%. Hester said, “I think Onvia has really allowed us to broaden our awareness among public agencies. What I’ve really seen is an expansion of our city business in California, Oregon and Washington where we did not have a presence before.” Godbe Research can continue take a more strategic approach and expand their public sector business further with more agencies.