Greenway Ford is the flagship store of the Greenway Automotive Group and has served as Orlando's top volume used and new Ford dealership since 2000.

In 2012, the business was ranked America's #1 Hispanic-owned dealership in the USA. Greenway Ford has new and used vehicles with a full service body shop for all makes and models of Ford. The company strives to provide outstanding professional service and to exceed customer expectations in sales, service, collision, parts and financing a car loan in Orlando.

The Challenge

Greenway Ford has an excellent reputation and a thriving business in the private sector and serves as Orlando's #1 pre-owned franchise retailer. But for the public sector, the challenge for Greenway Ford was getting their foot in the door with the agencies. Dennis Perkins, Wholesale Parts & Operations Manager, found that prior to Onvia it was “very difficult to get a relationship with a government agency, because they keep everything pretty tight to the vest. And with Onvia it’s opened the door for us.”

The Solution

With Onvia, Greenway Ford was able to not only establish relationships with government agencies but succeed in winning their business over the competition. Everyday Onvia provides Perkins with bids that fit his exact criteria. With a variety of service and parts opportunities for Greenway Ford ranging from police departments, to fire departments, to municipalities, Onvia provides all the timely strategic intelligence he needs on a daily basis.

We've realized an additional $1 million in parts sales due to the contracts we've obtained through Onvia.

Dennis Perkins, Wholesale Parts & Operations Manager

Putting together a proposal can be a daunting and tedious task. Perkins shared that it takes approximately a week to prepare a bid proposal. If the bid is not done right the agency “will throw your bid out.” By using Onvia, Perkins no longer needs to spend hours of his time searching for bids. Now he can focus on the bid proposals. “Once you’re awarded that first bid, you’re hooked. You have nowhere else to go but up from there.” Perkins added, “Its guaranteed business and its business that you’ve never had before.”

The Future

Greenway Ford continues to secure its business in the public sector using Onvia. One government client has been doing business with Greenway Ford for 5 years. Successful government contracting provides Greenway Ford with a consistent revenue stream for years to come. “We've realized an additional $1 million in part sales due to the contracts we've obtained through Onvia,” Perkins said. And now, nearly 35% of Greenway Ford’s business is done in the public sector.