After many successful years building a strong customer base, this apparel manufacturer looked to focus efforts on expanding their state and local government market share. Important to their growth strategy was seeking out the best new agencies to target, identifying relevant projects and pursuing multi-year contracts to secure new ongoing revenue streams.

Prior to Onvia, the company utilized dealer relationships or went directly to individual public safety agencies to find business. But with the decision to expand, relying on dealers and reaching out to each and every agency was time consuming and required painstaking research. The company was struggling to find a solution that allowed them to find projects as well as up-to-date agency contact information in the state and local market. In addition, each agency has its own unique procurement process with varying levels of accessibility. This presented a challenge to the company: How to effectively research opportunities, improve the focus of efforts on agency outreach and respond to qualified bids and RFPs? The company needed a scalable and cost-effective means to find the right agencies and projects in advance, get ahead of the competition, have time to influence RFP and bid specifications and ultimately win more awards.


With Onvia, our client receives daily notification allowing them to keep up-to-date on new and relevant public safety apparel bids. Using Onvia Project Center and Purchase Order Analytics, our client can quickly vet opportunities, research top buyers, review pre-solicitation notices and export accurate agency contact information. Before Onvia, researching and distributing opportunities across their national sales team consumed hours each day. Now this task takes minutes which created a more efficient workflow and faster response times.

Beyond the day-to-day time savings, Onvia helps enable our client to become aware of opportunities well in advance of their competition – even before the bid or RFP is published: "With bidding opportunities that are one to two years out, we now get notifications well in advance using Onvia." Early bid notification gives their sales team a distinct advantage over the competition.

We now have a more centralized workflow: Onvia opportunities are created in Salesforce which gets sent out into the field and gives us a way to track the data. Now we can visually see the ROI through this effort. Through this workflow we won over $300,000 in contract value, directly attributed to Onvia. That sells it right there.

Benefits of Onvia

When it comes to tackling multi-year contracts, our client turns to Onvia’s Term Contract Center. On a weekly basis, they get insight into contracts that will expire, or are set to renew, in the next five years.

This advance notice allows our client to step in early and influence the agency to choose their product line for the new contract or renewal. Armed with up-to-date contact information, such as agency decision maker names, direct phone numbers and emails, contact information is at their fingertips to establish relationships and influence the outcome. For their workflow integration, our client typically imports this contact information into Salesforce so their sales team has immediate access to the contacts and can begin building the right relationships. Our client indicated that, "A majority of the time we didn’t have the right contact information from the bid in our system so we couldn’t even make an opportunity in our Salesforce system. Onvia excels at getting us connected with the buyer."

Since using Onvia, our client is able to project their business opportunities further than ever before, promoting more stability and more long-term thinking amongst their sales team. When asked about the ROI on their Onvia investment, our client stated, "Within 4 months of tracking we’ve got over $350,000 opportunities that are out-to-bid, commit-to-buy or dealer-purchase-closed-won opportunities. Onvia has proved its worth to us."