Pride Industries is one of the nation's leading providers of jobs in the private and public sectors for people with disabilities. The company was able to tap into new markets successfully, increasing their revenue from $107M in 2007 to $290M in 2016 – a growth of 171% - by using Onvia's sales intelligence.

171% Revenue Increase
Using Detailed Data and Expanded Coverage to Grow Sales

Heather Kirkpatrick, Business Development Analyst at Pride Industries, faced a number of challenges in her day-to-day operations prior to partnering with Onvia. It was difficult for her and her team to consolidate all their available data and reveal the market opportunities available to pursue in the complex, fragmented business-to-government (B2G) marketplace.

“Pride is in 14 different states as well as in Washington DC,” Kirkpatrick said. “So how do we go across the country organizing that? Not only on a federal basis, but how do we manage those state and local municipal opportunities in all the markets that we’re in? You can just imagine how difficult it is having to keep track of all that data.”

Fortunately, Onvia’s comprehensive sales intelligence in B2G allowed Kirkpatrick and her team to have all the information they needed to pursue the opportunities best suited to grow their bottom line – all in an easy-to-use platform. “With the different tools that Onvia has, we can see who awards what, what the history is on that award, how many people have bid on things, what other vendors have been winning and why they have been winning,” Kirkpatrick said. The consolidated view of this intelligence in one platform allows Pride to enhance their sales strategy and forecast with confidence.

We’re competing on contracts against billion-dollar companies, and we don’t have those types of resources. But what we do have is tools like Onvia that allow us to be competitive with them.

Heather Kirkpatrick, Business Development Analyst at Pride Industries

The support that Onvia’s team of expert advisors provide has also been critical to Pride’s success, Kirkpatrick added. “It’s been great over the years to be able to pick up the phone and call our client success manager and say, ‘Hey, I need help!’ The Onvia team is easily accessible and always happy to help us. It’s like having another person on our team.”

With Onvia, Pride Industries Can Win Business in New Markets

Developing new sources of revenue in new markets was a key goal for Kirkpatrick and her team. “We’re always looking to grow,” Kirkpatrick said. “So, how do we grow in the states that we’re in? How do we grow our new opportunities across the country? And how do we do that in the most efficient manner?”

Due to their proximity to Sacramento, CA, Kirkpatrick and her team began researching opportunities to expand into this regional market. Through Onvia, Kirkpatrick identified an advance notice for Sacramento International Airport that was a great fit for Pride. This initial intelligence led to the bigger idea of expanding into the aviation industry.

“With Onvia, we were allowed to see what that market was like in the aviation field,” Kirkpatrick said. “Onvia allows us to look at that aviation market, so we can be pre-qualified to bid on other airports as well, and that is very, very important.”

By getting advance intelligence and knowing ahead of time when the Sacramento International Airport was going out to bid, Pride was able to win a 5-year contract in 2011 – which they recently re-upped for another five years. That was the first contract Pride Industries won with a large airport, a major milestone for the company. They followed that by winning contract awards with Saint Louis International Airport and with Dallas-Fort Worth.

Tools like Onvia are very important to us. Onvia ensures that we can continue to connect to our customers and find ways to get new revenue.

Heather Kirkpatrick, Business Development Analyst at Pride Industries

Despite going up against larger corporations, Pride remains competitive in their target markets and is able to win more bids and RFPs due to the intelligence provided by Onvia's platform. “We’re competing on some of the airport contracts against billion-dollar companies, and we don’t have those types of resources,” Kirkpatrick said. “We don’t have 100,000 employees around the world. But what we do have is tools like Onvia that allow us to be competitive with them.”

About Pride Industries

Pride Industries, one of the nation's largest nonprofit employers of people with disabilities, provides outsourcing solutions that meet the manufacturing and service needs of Fortune 500 companies and government agencies nationwide.

Pride Industries provides facilities, custodial, supply chain and logistics services along with contract packaging and fulfillment and electronics contract manufacturing. As a nonprofit social enterprise operating in 14 states and Washington D.C., Pride Industries employs more than 5,600 people, including more than 3,300 people with disabilities.

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