NovaCopy is a leading provider of managed printing services. David J. Hall, Government Contracts Manager for NovaCopy, was able to grow his sales revenue from $45M in 2014 to $74M in 2016 by leveraging Onvia’s sales intelligence for the public sector.

Leveraging Onvia to Find and Win More Government Bids and RFPs

“I can’t do it all on my own. And you can’t do it all on your own, either.”

That’s the message from David J. Hall, Government Contracts Manager at NovaCopy, a provider of copiers, printing services and 3D printing technology that sells primarily to sectors of the government. Before Hall began using Onvia, he found that it was a major struggle for his team to stay on top of the complex, fragmented government contracting marketplace.

“My main problem was being reactionary,” Hall said. “I would look at bids and RFPs on my desk and think, I have no idea where this came from, I have no idea how to respond to it - what am I going to do?” Without vital knowledge of the bid he was pursuing, such as who the agency contacts were, who of his competition worked previously with that agency and who else was bidding on the project, his team struggled to put together competitive bids. “I had no information about the agency’s fiscal years, when they did their spending, or anything like that – so I didn’t know when the bids were coming out,” Hall said.

Initially, NovaCopy subscribed to Onvia and began receiving email notifications with qualified leads in their markets every day. But as their sales model matured, they began leveraging Onvia’s intelligence tools to find government agency contact points and determine when agencies were most likely to release relevant contracts up for bid.

Onvia catches everything in the verticals that they serve.

David J. Hall, Government Contracts Manager at NovaCopy

Hall found that equipping his sales team with Onvia’s intelligence on public sector spending was the most effective way to make new connections and proactively develop new business. “You can arm your sales representative with the knowledge to say to agencies, ‘We’ve found you’re spending $2M a year on your copiers on a 5-year contract. If I could bring that down to about 1.5$M, could I get an appointment?’”

“You have to know that knowledge is power. You’ve got to get that information that comes from Onvia. You’ve got to get those tools.”

NovaCopy Grows Their Revenue with Onvia’s Sales Intelligence

Armed with detailed information related to their leads of interest, NovaCopy was able to proactively pursue more opportunities – and win more contracts. The company grew sales revenue from $45M in 2014 to $74M in 2016.

NovaCopy Grows Revenue

NovaCopy has grown their revenue by selling to all sizes of government agencies, including states, counties, cities, school systems, hospitals and federal government offices. Onvia provided NovaCopy with comprehensive coverage of all of these levels of government contracting. “You can find a lot of information on even the smallest little governments on Onvia,” Hall said. “Major cities and counties are the biggest chunk of my business, but I can’t discount the smaller agencies. Those small cities or counties or schools buying 1, 2, 5 or 10 copiers, they add up.”

Hall was also able to use Onvia to identify the geographic areas in which his team found the most success. For NovaCopy, one of those areas was in Texas. “I am very successful down there,” Hall said. “I get into the final stages on 75% of my bids, and we end up winning about 60% to 70% of those. On most of those, we didn’t have the information we needed to be successful until we had Onvia.”

By leveraging Onvia’s sales intelligence, Hall and NovaCopy have ultimately been able to find the information they need to make their public sector sales teams effective while ensuring they don’t miss out on any valuable government contracting leads. “Onvia catches just about every single thing,” Hall said. “They catch everything in the verticals that they serve.”

About NovaCopy

NovaCopy, Inc. is an award-winning provider of managed IT and printer services that offers on-site and remote support of network infrastructure, improving organizational effectiveness by providing simple and comprehensive content management workflow solutions.

Headquartered in Nashville and with 11 branches throughout the south, NovaCopy brought in revenues of $74M in 2016 and has been recognized as one of the 101 "Best and Brightest Companies in the Nation to Work For.”

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