The Challenge

Prosser Hallock is a professional planning and engineering firm that provides services in four primary areas: master planning and site engineering, transportation planning and engineering, parks and recreational facility design and construction management. Most of the firm's revenue is generated from the private sector, but the company actively pursues government projects as well. In order to stay competitive in the government market and make informed bid decisions, Prosser Hallock needed timely notifications of government RFPs and the ability to locate information on competitors, decision-makers, buyers, and awards.

The Solution

The firm subscribed to Onvia to fulfill its government-procurement needs. It now has a comprehensive solution that lets employees access new planning and engineering contract opportunities. Marketing coordinator Todd Kincaid accesses Onvia data on a daily basis. "We use Onvia to identify buyers, and, sometimes, decision makers," he says. "Onvia helps generate ideas about tracking projects and competitors. I also track awards."

Onvia customized Prosser Hallock's Onvia account to generate planning and engineering leads for government projects that match the firm's geographic location. Says Kincaid, "Our market is usually narrowly focused geographically. We look for projects and contacts in a relatively small area and pursue those with Onvia."

The Results

Prosser Hallock can now plan its government proposals proactively instead of reactively. Rather than wait for a RFP to be issued, the firm gets advance notice of upcoming opportunities and can find out which competing firms will likely be submitting proposals.

The overall benefit [of Onvia] is front-end analysis of an opportunity and the ability to anticipate and know about projects so that decisions aren't so reactive.

Todd Kincaid, Marketing Coordinator