United Rentals is the world’s largest equipment rental provider, with nearly 900 rental locations in 49 states. In 2012, the value of government contracting awards they won with Onvia was approximately $2M. That number grew by more than 10x in just four years.

2012 - $2M to 2016 - $20M

Finding the solution to the problem

In 2011 – before partnering with Onvia – the United Rentals team was attempting to monitor upcoming bids and opportunities by skimming a multitude of agency websites. As Brad Laws, Senior Manager of State and Local Sales said, “When you are trying to monitor 49 states, you think to yourself, where do you even start? What does the right process look like? How do we get in front of the business we know is out there?”

Laws began searching for a solution that could bring in accurate, timely, organized data to empower his team and ultimately improve top-line revenue – and found it in Onvia.

We’ve learned that the power of information from a great partner like Onvia is of tremendous value.

Brad Laws, Senior Manager of State and Local Sales

Developing a more proactive approach

With the implementation of Onvia, the United Rentals team gained a tool that supported their efforts in winning more government business. By leveraging this new sales intelligence tool now available to the business development team, United Rentals now had the ability to enhance their strategy by becoming less reactive and more proactive.

The United Rentals sales team began using the Expiring Contracts Tool to identify specific contracts coming up for renewal related to their product segment. As Laws said, “That’s huge! If we know these contracts are coming up for bid, we can be proactive and find the decision makers to pitch our solution, before the bid is published. This tactic has been one of our keys to success.”

That success quickly translated into tangible wins. One United Rentals business development team member, Robbie Guesnard, won a $18,300 bid for 260 air compressors with the Alabama Highway Department, a deal he said he wouldn’t have found without receiving the opportunity through Onvia’s Today’s Leads notification.

Closing more business and increasing revenue

From 2012 through 2016, United Rentals went from $2M in government contracts won to $20M, a 10x increase. This success is attributed to Onvia’s intelligence.

By partnering with Onvia it means we see more opportunities which in turn means more wins. We’re striking out less and hitting more singles, doubles and home runs.

Brad Laws, Senior Manager of State and Local Sales
United Rentals awards won with Onvia

The future leads intelligence, specifically, has been the key difference-maker for United Rentals. Future lead information such as spending plans and budgets allowed Laws and team to see how much money was “out there” and what to pursue.

United Rentals considers Onvia a vital component to growing their business due to the volume and value of contracting data, easy-to-use platform and experienced support team. And Laws can’t imagine life without Onvia. “For me, it’s invaluable to have as many people set up on Onvia as possible.”

About United Rentals

United Rentals is an industry-leading provider of equipment rental, used equipment, specialty solutions and other related products and services. The company currently owns approximately $11.2B in assets and employs more than 12,000 people across the U.S. and Canada.

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