Publication Date: January 2016

Government vendors know that a long-range sales pipeline that incorporates capture planning, influencing agencies and teaming options will maximize sales. The challenge is how to implement and support this pipeline, before bids documents are released, so you can win more government business.

Our latest strategy guide “3 Expert Strategies for High Impact Government Sales” reveals tactics, tools and best practices to leverage as you “work the pipeline.” For this guide, Onvia consulted with three government contracting experts, James Baker, Mark Amtower and Mary Scott Nabers. The combined wisdom and insights of the experts provide effective strategies that will help you realize the full potential of your government contract opportunities.

Readers of this report will learn how to:

  • Use a formal process to plan and target potential business
  • Optimize marketing tactics to influence key agency officials
  • Create a consistent, winning plan for teaming and partnerships

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn expert tips and insights that can transform your business. Download Onvia’s free “3 Strategies for High-Impact Government Sales” strategy guide and give your business a head start in the race to win government contracts.

More about the experts:

Our contributing experts have published books about selling to the government market and are nationally sought after consultants to hundreds of vendors.

  • James Baker, author of “How to Win Business from the Government” and founder of the Public Sector Technology Exchange covers strategic capture planning
  • Mark Amtower, author of “Selling to the Government” and founding partner of Amtower & Company, discusses effective government marketing tactics
  • Mary Scott Nabers, author of “Collaboration Nation; How Public-Private Ventures are Revolutionizing the Business of Government” and President/CEO of Strategic Partnerships, Inc. provides guidance on partnership and teaming

For more than 15 years Onvia has specialized in providing government contractors, vendors and suppliers with the strategies they need to succeed in the government market.