Publication Date: October 2015

The moment a bid or request for proposals (RFP) is published, the clock begins to tick. With an average response deadline of 21 days or less, government contractors who simply react to these notices face an uphill battle with a limited chance of winning the bid or RFP. The most successful government contractors know a better way to approach the state, local and education (SLED) market.

Onvia’s latest strategy guide, “Building a Long-Term Sales Pipeline in the Public Sector” helps educate new-to-the-market businesses as well as seasoned government contractors on how to significantly increase their share of SLED wins. This free report reveals three strategic approaches to identify “hidden” opportunities - upcoming agency purchases that contractors can access in advance so they can build their sales pipeline well before bids or RFPs are published. Furthermore, we present three keys to influencing decision makers that will set vendors up for maximum success in the SLED market.

Readers of this report will:

  • Recognize the value of agency purchase history, expiring fixed term contracts and agency budgets
  • Learn how to effectively approach an agency’s key contacts early on to improve win rates
  • Discover proven tips on how to influence agency buyers before the bid or RFP is published

Don’t miss out on greatly increasing your government contracting revenue. Get started by downloading Onvia’s free “Building a Long-Term Sales Pipeline in the Public Sector” strategy guide and give your business a head start in the race to win government contracts.

For more than 15 years Onvia has specialized in providing strategies government contractors, vendors and suppliers need to win more business in the state, local and education (SLED) market.