Winning local government contracts can take a lot of work. Before you pursue a local contracting project, it is important to review the positioning of your company relative to the government market. You will need to know what your small business may need to work on, and what will be expected of you. Here are some of the requirements that you will need to fulfill in order to complete the contract:

Commitment To Win & Willingness To Follow Through.

Keep in mind that when a company is choosing a local contractor for a government project, it doesn’t matter if your business is small or not. The winning local contractor is the one that works hard to fulfill every aspect of the local contracting job, not the one who say they will “give it a try.” Working hard means you need to get out and research all aspects of the contract, ask plenty of questions, and communicate clearly with the government agency you’ll be working for.

Financial Resources and Stability.

What is your company’s current financial situation? Is it cash-flow positive? Do you have any trouble with payroll or other payments? If you have any financial concerns, going after a local contracting job will not generate a cash solution. After you are chosen as the local contractor, keep in mind that you may not get paid upfront. You have to handle the financing and complete the contract before you receive a paycheck. If you really need financial help in order to complete the local contracting job, consider getting a loan from your banker.

Quality Assurance Practices.

Government contracts at all levels usually require an assurance that the service or product you are providing is up to certain standards of quality. As a local contractor, you will need to document the type of quality-control plan you have in place. Your standards could range from industry standards and commercial quality standards to government standards.

Office Efficiency and Documentation.

If you’re going to work as a local contractor, you need keep all your records up to date and have them organized. Documenting meetings and transactions will be important component to your contracting job.

Basic Technical Proficiency.

More and more companies are doing business electronically. This process offers some great benefits to local contractors – not only does it save you time filling out paperwork, but it helps speed up the sales process. Due to the Government Paperwork Elimination Act of 1995, even the government is required to issue and award small business contracts electronically.