There are hundreds of government agencies at the federal level, and each uses private-sector contractors for goods and services — from office supplies to IT consulting to engineering and construction. That means thousands of federal government bid opportunities are generated for private companies each year.

The challenge is finding all the opportunities that apply to your business, and doing so in enough time to put together a strong bid.

The government maintains a comprehensive website for federal business opportunities, FedBizOpps. Contractors can search for opportunities by keyword, NAICS code, solicitation number, and more.

Federal projects can be quite complex and may require your company's product or services as just one part of a much larger procurement. Don't discount these opportunities out of hand, though — instead, consider partnering, teaming or subcontracting with other businesses.

Having Federal Government Bid Opportunities Sent to You

FedBizOpps is a comprehensive source, but it can be difficult to navigate. In addition, federal RFPs take a lot of different forms and can be time-consuming to locate. A search for "architecture," for example, may generate results for landscape architecture, database architecture, and architect and engineering services — and it may miss RFPs for projects that don't contain the word "architecture" in the title. With some bid opportunities, it's unclear from the search results what the project entails, requiring contractors to download and read the RFP.

Given the amount of time and effort that goes into preparing a bid, it's important for you to find the opportunity as early as possible. Additionally, federal RFPs are often amended and altered after their initial announcement — so even after a business finds a bid opportunity on FedBizOpps, it must continually re-check the posting for amendments.

Many businesses choose to have bid opportunities delivered directly to them. Onvia can send government bids & RFPs directly to your e-mail inbox. No more searching through irrelevant opportunities or worrying you're not finding all the federal government bid opportunities available — your Onvia Guide is tailored to your unique business needs. Amendments are automatically included, so you'll have the earliest notice possible of a change to your target project.

To learn more about how Onvia adds value beyond FedBizOpps, visit our detailed comparison.