If you don't pay attention to detail, completeness, and accuracy when preparing a proposal for a government RFP, it could cost you a contract. A proposal-writing workshop can teach you the parameters and requirements of government proposals for your product/service as well as your company.

Many Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTACs) offer workshops to assist you with your RFP responses. Find the PTAC office nearest you at and look for their calendar of events. You can usually sign up for proposal training online; sometimes there'll be a modest fee. Here's a description of a proposal-writing assistance course in California that charges just $20:


Learn tools and techniques that will enhance your proposal writing skills and get you more work! This course shows you the essential components of a proposal, offers guidance on formatting and specific requirements, and covers proposal administration procedures. Our instructor has developed many successful proposals and will show you how to do the same.

Getting a hands-on experience, especially with writing, can help you nail down your process of thinking, organizing and presenting information. A government proposal writing workshop instructor can give you guidance and help you learn how to write government proposals that win the contract award. To find a PTAC in your state to inquire about their scheduling for government proposal writing workshops, click here.

If the PTAC currently is not offering a proposal-writing workshop within the time frame you’re looking for, consider asking the PTAC official for a 1:1 meeting. Prepare a draft of your government proposal ahead of time, along with any proposal-writing questions.