Increasing Value and ROI in B2G Sales

The government market is a challenging and highly competitive environment that rewards contractors who invest in efficient, proactive sales methods. In Onvia’s latest playbook, “Guide to Building a Winning Public Sector Sales Strategy: Increasing Value and ROI in B2G Sales,” we provide five strategic recommendations that sales, marketing and business development leaders can use to build a winning sales strategy.

Drawing from extensive analysis of tens of thousands of businesses over a five-year period, and supplemented with case studies of examples where these strategies paid off, the information provided illustrates what an optimized sales process looks like, identifies the right tools to implement it and provides examples of levels of success that can be attained using these principles.

Readers of this report will learn:

  • Keys to gain and then maintain stakeholder support during the implementation of a new strategy
  • The importance of scale in widening the target and reaching a broader base of the marketplace in a cost-effective manner
  • Why a proactive sales approach is key to maximizing your growth 
  • How to capitalize on the potential for 2X, 3X and even 8X growth rates by using these principles

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn proven strategies and gain insights that can transform your B2G sales. Request complimentary access to Onvia’s “Guide to Building a Winning Public Sector Sales Strategy: Increasing Value and ROI in B2G Sales” and give your business a head start in the race to win government contracts.

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