The State of Washington spent $80.5 billion in 2013-2015, and its future spending plans are predictable based on the state’s 2017-2019 budget proposal.

With Washington’s Electronic Business Solution (WEBS), the state makes it simple for your business to tap into the Washington State procurement market and maximize your government sales.

Registering with Washington WEBS as a Vendor

To become a vendor to the State of Washington, you must first register with Washington WEBS. The Department of Enterprise Services (DES) governs vendor registration and notification activities made between your company and public agencies that use WEBS.

Registering as a vendor with Washington WEBS can be done in 4 easy steps:


Agree to Washington State’s MOA and Fill Out Basic Company Information

First, you must agree to Washington State’s memorandum of agreement. The MOA lays out the terms of DES. You are responsible for keeping your company’s data current and correct. You must use the WEBS vendor registration update or you may be considered inactive and be removed from WEBS.

Once agreed, you will begin to fill out information about yourself, such as your name and email address, and for your company, such as the name, address and any certifications or licenses.


Add Additional Profiles

Next, add additional profiles to your vendor registration. It isn’t required, but WEBS recommends it. If you add a contact, fill out a similar form as the one, on which you input your personal information.


List Your Commodity Codes

Be sure to mark your commodity codes that match your company’s goods and services. You can search by specific code or by keywords if you don’t know the exact code. A keyword can bring up several types of codes or areas of business.


List the Washington State Counties You Wish to do Business With

In the last step, be sure to check the list of Washington State counties you are willing to do business in. Select “All” if you will work throughout the state, or pick specific counties.

Once finished, WEBS will send you an email to the address provided. The email will include all the necessary information, such as a password, to log into your vendor profile.

WEBS urges you to add “” to your safe sender list so you don’t miss any bid notifications or other pertinent information.

Finding Bid Opportunities on Washington WEBS

Washington WEBS for vendors is a great source for finding competitive solicitations, bids and RFPs to pursue.

In WEBS, a state agency posts its current and future contract bid opportunities on the WEBS Planned Procurement database, making the opportunities searchable for your company. Each post includes details about the solicitations, such as the purchasing entity, the goods and/or services sought and deadlines for responses and awards.

Search WEBS for work in your area of business or even register in your profile for notifications in specific commodity codes. Doing so, you will receive notices directly in your inbox about issued bids. When you find an intriguing solicitation, download the solicitation using WEBS. It seems rudimentary, but downloading it will ensure you receive notification of any amendments to the bid.

As you search WEBS, you will find that many bids are set aside for companies in Statewide Master Contracts.

In Washington, bids are often limited to companies that already have been approved for one or more Statewide Master Contracts. Agencies often choose to use them as avenues for purchase. The Master Contracts and contract holders have already met state requirements for competitive bidding and other procurement laws. The contracts reduce risk for agencies while streamlining the purchasing process and lowering prices through agencies’ collective buying power.

Go here to learn more about why these contracts are vital to success in the Washington State marketplace.

Washington’s simple vendor registration process will open the gateway to hear about solicitations. WEBS has made bid searches straightforward so you can win contracts throughout the Evergreen State. And Onvia clients can access these contracts while enjoying the ability to search for relevant bidding opportunities posted to WEBS, as well as those from all other state bidding portals, in a single location.

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