As with all levels of government, the State of Washington depends on companies like yours for goods and services. Washington has many bidding opportunities for you to compete for—and win—contracts, aiding in creating and then maintaining a smooth-functioning system of government.

Washington State’s Government Contract Spending

Between 2015 and 2016, Washington state issued 60,000+ bidding opportunities and awarded 40,000+ contracts. The state’s official biennial Fiscal Year 2016-2017 budget totals $38.1 billion in general fund expenditures. Bidding opportunities for architecture and engineering, followed by construction services, represent some of the top contracting areas for the Washington state government.

Additionally, Washington has consistently invested much of its spending on education (including K-12 and higher education) as well as healthcare. The state constantly focuses on educating its children and preparing university students for the business world. State agencies are searching for classroom materials, supplies and services. As Washington’s healthcare demands remain, healthcare needs span beyond just doctors and medicine. They include contracting opportunities for medical supplies, first aid kits, disposable clothing and more.

Finding Washington State Government Contract Opportunities

Washington state contract opportunities are searchable at Washington’s Electronic Business Solution (WEBS) Planned Procurement webpage. Opportunities available on Washington WEBS include details about the solicitations, such as the entity, the goods and/or services needed and deadlines for responses and awards.

With access to comprehensive coverage of Federal, state, local and education contracting data, Onvia clients enjoy the ability to easily search through relevant government contract leads posted through WEBS, along with those opportunities issued through all other state bidding portals, with a single tool.

Getting on a Washington State Master Contract

While the bidding opportunities posted to WEBS are important, Washington also has Statewide Master Contracts. Agencies often choose these master contracts as an avenue for purchasing efficiency purposes, as they can reduce risk for agencies while streamlining the purchasing process through agencies’ collective buying power. Companies who are listed on these master contracts have already met state requirements for competitive bidding and other procurement laws, making these lucrative opportunities for your company.

Being on a master contract is a gateway to doing business with all levels of government. State agencies use the master contracts - but so do cities, counties and other governmental organizations that have a signed Master Contracts Usage Agreement, such as school districts, higher education institutions and public utility districts.

Master Contracts are not mandatory for agencies, but a majority of agencies use them of their own volition. The contracts provide access to a wide array of goods and services such as operations and maintenance and technology related opportunities.

Getting on a Master Contract with the Washington State Government is another key that can help you grow your public sector sales.

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