In the mid-1800s, people rushed to California to find their share of gold. More than 150 years later, the state has not lost its business appeal. This time, though, the treasure may not be underground - it’s California government contracts.

California Spending Trends

The State of California spends billions of dollars on government contracts each year.

California outspent all other states in Fiscal Year 2015, when the total estimated government spending was $252.5 billion. Bidding opportunities with the California state government are plentiful – in that fiscal year, it issued more than 19,000 bids and awarded more than 7,000 contracts. The largest portion of business was in construction services, such as building and highway improvements, followed by related services such as architecture and engineering. Education and information technology investments for operational effectiveness and tracking program success are also top spending priorities in the Golden State.

California has a wide range of needs as it improves its infrastructure, teaches its millions of children, and provides assistance to Californians who need financial support and healthcare. The spending on programs and ongoing missions benefits Californians and keeps the Golden State operating efficiently and effectively. Your company can find clientele among California’s 14 central agencies and nearly 350 smaller agencies and commissions.

California Spending Trends

Getting Registered with Cal eProcure

The California state government has a simple process for registering your company as a state contractor.

Cal eProcure is the state’s online portal designed to open the gate for companies that have products and services state agencies need. California’s business portal is user-friendly and designed for mobile devices.

At the Cal eProcure site, you can:

  • Register as a bidder with California.
  • Certify as a small business or a disabled veteran business enterprise (DVBE), if you meet the standards.
  • Search the California State Contracts Register (CSCR) for public procurement information, such as bid opportunities, contacts for a solicitation, and updates to a solicitation.

How to Register to Find California Bids on Cal eProcure

Your business must be registered with the state’s Cal eProcure database as a “sourcing bidder.”

First, you need to create a company profile. Cal eProcure also asks for your Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) or a Social Security Number.

Additional details about your company are required such as its primary mailing address and company website. If you are a manufacturer, you will have an additional step referencing its North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code. You must fill in details about the industry in which your company works, so California state government buyers can better understand what you provide.

Cal eProcure also allows you to set specific preferences for receiving notifications about bid opportunities and certifications.

Lastly, your company must agree to set terms and conditions. Cal eProcure sends a confirmation to the email address you provided. The email includes a link to the site’s login to finalize the process by updating a temporary password.

Being registered on Cal eProcure is key to getting started in state government contracting or expanding your government sales territory to the Golden State.

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