How to Search CSCR to Identify California Bidding Opportunities

The California State Contracts Register (CSCR) is where companies can identify lucrative bidding opportunities in California. CSCR bidding opportunities are easily accessible to Onvia subscribers, along with bids, RFPs, awards, term contracts, budgets and spending plans from Federal, state, local and education agencies across the country.

As a California state agency releases a request for bids, officials want as many companies as possible to hear about it and submit a bid. Getting the word out about California bidding opportunities boosts competition and leads to better pricing and higher quality products and services.

The California State Contracts Register (CSCR)

You have registered your company in Cal eProcure, the state’s online business portal, letting officials know you are interested in partnering with their agencies. The next step is hearing about the bid opportunities. The California State Contracts Register (CSCR) is the most important database for finding government contracting opportunities in California.

Public Procurement Information in CSCR

  • Search for contracts
  • View past purchases
  • See current bids

California requires state agencies to post on the CSCR website all government contract proposals for services and construction projects valued at more than $5,000, commodity contracts over $50,000, and information technology goods and services contracts valued at more than $100,000.

The CSCR ‘Events’

CSCR allows you to search for a solicitation, or an “Event” as Cal eProcure refers to them. You can use keywords to find a request for proposals (RFP) or request for quotes (RFQ) in your specific industry or fields of business. Or you can look for specific contracts by entering an “Event ID.”

In CSCR, if a solicitation fits your company’s goods or services, the solicitation’s Event Details page gives you key information to move forward:

What's on the CSCR Page

  • Title of Solicitation
  • Department Issuing the Solicitation
  • Type of Contract
  • Description
  • Event End Date
  • Contact Information
  • Contractor License Type
  • Service Area
  • Pre-Bid Conference
  • The United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC), a classification of products and services for use in eCommerce
  • View Event Package

The details include the Event ID number, type of contract, the date of when the Event was first published, its end date and a description of the work. It also provides a name and email address for a state agency contact who can answer many of your questions.

There is a link to view the Event’s package for further information. The documents in the package lay out the scope, any special considerations such as a small-business set-aside and various other imperative information to the procurement.

On that Event’s page, you can also sign up to get notifications, such as amendments or changes, related to the Event. Once signed up to receive notifications, you will get an email from Cal eProcure so you have the most up-to-date information about the Event.

Relevant opportunities issued through CSCR, as well as from bidding portals from state governments nationwide, are tracked in a single location thanks to Onvia’s comprehensive coverage of the B2G marketplace. Subscribers can identify relevant contract opportunities across the country, using intuitive searches based on terminology they are familiar with, by utilizing the natural language search technology powered by Onvia’s proprietary ontology.

CSCR Vendor Ads

The CSCR gives companies the opportunity to connect with prime contractors with a Post Vendor Ad feature. You can note your interest in becoming a subcontractor for the Event’s task by finding the ad placement at the bottom of the Event Details page.

The CSCR ad request asks for a contact name, email and phone number. California recommends starting the ad with your company’s Supplier ID number, so interested firms can quickly gather information about your company, such as its certification status.

If you are a small business or disabled veteran business enterprise (DVBE), California allows to place your ads for free.

The more information that is readily available in your ad increases the possibility of joining with the prime contractor - another approach to finding gold in the form of California state government bidding opportunities.

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