The U.S. government purchases billions of dollars worth of goods and services each year. Competing for government contracts can be extremely profitable – if you know how to approach the right people. If you don’t have the right contact information for government decision makers or access to a good list of government agencies, you could be letting the competition run away with your share of the billions of dollars the government spends every year.

The government purchases almost every type of good or service including office supplies, computer equipment, software, cleaning services, contractors, books, vehicles, furniture, technology, everyday consumer goods and much more. For the best results, you need to know how to present your product to this niche market. One of the most important steps is identifying a list of government agencies and decision makers for use in your marketing and sales efforts.

When picking an agency list for your government marketing initiatives, remember that targeted messages produce better results. Government agency lists can be very specific down to title: building directors, mayors, city managers, park directors, etc. Executives and project managers look for product benefits that will help them do their job more efficiently. Purchasing managers and other “non-end users” focus more on price and delivery. Keep in mind which government decision makers will see your message, and try to anticipate what their needs will be.  

A few key tips for your government marketing initiative:

  • Not everyone will respond to your offer on the first mailing, and usually 4-6 mailings of the same offer will increase the ROI of your whole campaign.
  • Get to the point and make it easy to respond. State your offer as quickly as possible, and offer easy reply methods.
  • Start marketing to government decision makers long before an RFP or bid comes out so you can get ahead of the competition.
  • Remember to refresh your agency and contact lists regularly to account for job title and role changes of your target contacts.

With a targeted list of government agencies and government decision makers you can:

  • Improve your marketing response rate by targeting the right list of government agencies
  • Influence purchasing decisions early on
  • Market to the right people and establish relationships with the right list of government agencies
  • Boost awareness and promote your products

For government marketing efforts, your list of government decision makers and agencies is the most important tool – if you don’t have an accurate agency list, you won’t reach your customers effectively.

There are many mailing list suppliers to choose from; just make sure whichever vendor you select provides targeted agency contact data. Onvia offers government agency lists by type and function, geography, and job responsibility/title, and we provide full contact information, including email addresses, for decision makers.