Project specs and other bid documents are a gold mine for many of the government contractors I speak with. The ads that agencies are required to post for bids are not very descriptive, so contractors often can't tell if their product or service is appropriate for the procurement.

The key to finding out if your service or product is a part of a government bid is to review the bid documents that describe the project’s scope of work. Here's a case study that exemplifies how important project specs and government bid documents can be.

Problem: A contractor in the state of Oregon sells polo shirts. His government sales opportunities make up a substantial percentage of his business’ revenue. Because polo shirts can be used as work attire or as uniforms for school bands, orchestras, sports teams, clubs, etc., he works with numerous government-funded agencies and schools. However, he rarely finds bids that have "polo shirts" in the  title. Instead, he discovers most of his sales leads buried in the bid documents, and he needed a way to quickly uncover project specs in which "polo shirts" are in the project description.

Solution: Accessing a government bid-document database was key in helping the contractor locate hard-to-find bid documents. Instead of hunting down agencies and scouring websites, he had immediate access to bid documents when he needed them. He used a keyword search option in the database and simply typed in "polo shirts."

Value: Accessing a government bid-document database allowed the contractor to find business opportunities that he otherwise might have missed, and it increased his number of actionable sales leads by 34%. He also saved a lot of valuable company time by not having to search for project specs himself.