Industry Dynamics: Architecture & Engineering (A&E)

Also referred to as Architecture, Engineering and Planning (AEP), this sector sees competition uniquely shaped by early information about agencies’ long term capital planning. A&E firms team up or even operate construction partnerships (justifying ‘AEC’ as yet another acronym for the sector). Onvia provides A&E firms with a strategic view into their current and emerging markets. In fact, years in advance. This view to the future makes the difference between winning a new multi-year contract, or missing out, years before that project ever goes to bid.

Onvia Helps

Onvia’s A&E clients enjoy the strategic advantage of project previews, uncovering opportunities early and building essential, timely relationships with key agencies. Successful A&E firms are increasingly solution providers, advising agencies on capital requirements and project considerations in the early planning stage. This often gives early-engagement firms an upper hand when projects enter the proposal stage. The solution allows firms to sell directly to government, and strategically partner with construction firms.

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