Industry Dynamics: Healthcare

Providers of healthcare services, medical equipment and medical supplies require particular, often nuanced, sell-in tactics for different goods & services – despite often selling into the same decision makers. While price is always a consideration in government contracting, healthcare providers will be critically assessed on past performance, safety and satisfaction.

Onvia Helps

Healthcare service providers will often pursue term contracts, either initiating or taking over existing service contracts including public health services, schools or government medical facilities. Onvia can give you visibility into recurring contracts and when they are due to expire, with insight into decision-makers, contract term and renewals.

Medical equipment sales are often dictated by healthcare facility improvements, including construction of new hospitals or clinics or equipment replacement planning. Onvia’s insight into construction projects gives our clients a time and information advantage.

Medical supplies vendors sell items like gloves, first aid supplies, disposable clothing and syringes. They often sell into agencies on term contracts, with pre-defined pricing but unspecified quantity. Onvia gives visibility to past contract awards, bidders and terms to calibrate competitive responses.

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