Industry Dynamics: Professional Business Services

Professional services firms target government agencies to improve business operations. This includes management consulting, personnel and HR services, with marketing related services such as advertising and PR, as well as legal and accounting services. Agencies are also increasingly hiring information system consulting firms to provide technical and change management advice related to digital government and cloud migration initiatives. Document management provides yet another front of service opportunities as Government agencies are highly reliant on efficient, scalable and secure document management solutions to manage document workflows, document revisions, document search and document security.

Despite vendors attention to contracts at the Federal level, which in reality account for only 11% of total government procurement for professional services activity, the majority of contracts came from cities, counties and states. Those sectors need professional services to increase their internal efficiencies and retain, train and attract the right talent.

Onvia Helps

Onvia reveals professional services contracts in state, local and education (SLED) as well as federal opportunities. That makes Onvia the singular solution for professional services bid alerts. We layer in highly specialized intelligence tools, on top of the procurement data, to help firms identify and evaluate competitive threats, establish key agency relationships and manage sales pipelines, including near-term leads, and future multi-year contracts.

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