Industry Dynamics: Technology & Telecom

The vast technology & telecom sector is shaping federal, state, local and educational government. Far beyond the traditional IT hardware and software solutions, the sector increasingly involves cyber security, digital government and cloud-based solutions. Our coverage is complete, spanning information services consulting, IT hardware, software & services, telecommunications, wireless and Value Added Resellers (VARs).

Today, IT Hardware manufacturers (OEMs) and resellers operate under immense competitive pressure, thin margins and complex distribution channels. The diverse Telecom space spans unified communications, VoIP, secure communications for public safety, as well as the wireless devices and services to equip agencies.  Increasingly government agencies are needing to plan, install and manage these information assets, to connect other agencies and improve service, while driving security and efficiency.

Onvia Helps

Onvia helps technology & telecom providers connect with agencies who need information technology solutions today, and are planning for process and system upgrades for years to come. Onvia goes beyond bids and RFPs to index term contracts, spending forecasts and budget & planning documents for thousands of federal, state, local and educational agencies across the country. Our B2G Intelligence System enables providers in this intensely competitive tech space to respond effectively today, while strategically managing the future.

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