Achieve More
With Less

Procurement professionals share concerns:


Demonstrate process integrity and transparency


Draw more vendors to submit favorable bids


Award contracts to small and minority-owned businesses


Meet operational and civic demands with restricted budgets



  • Save time writing bids and RFPs by consulting comparable specifications
  • Describe meaningful requirements to maximize bid exposure and response quality
  • Exchange information with a vast network of government procurement professionals
  • Gain insight about trends and initiatives driving agency contracting

Greater Civic Good

Offering greater visibility and transparency in B2G procurement, we help government agencies deliver on important organizational goals, in support of vital social policy objectives.

The $2T in contracts awarded annually for infrastructure, goods, services, supplies, equipment and technology, makes well-placed government spending a key factor in the health, safety and prosperity of our communities. We help government deliver on the promise of transparency, efficiency and performance – which citizens and taxpayers will appreciate.

Engaged in Every Department

Government agencies buy goods, services, supplies, equipment, and technology from virtually every economic sector.

Together we work with their procurement departments striving to sustain the quality of the environment, provide health and social services to citizens, assure our security, and improve the way our communities live, work and play.

  • Agriculture
  • Fish and Game
  • Water & Energy
  • Natural Resources
  • Environmental Services
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Public Works, Health & Social Services
  • Education
  • Public Safety, Police, Fire
  • Emergency Response
  • Correction & Court System
  • Transportation
  • Infrastructure
  • Administration & General Services
  • Facilities & Buildings Management
  • Operations, HR, IT, Finance
  • Engineering
  • Insurance, Retirement, Labor, Lottery
  • Planning and Economic Development
  • State Senate, Executive Office

Your Team Enabled by GovWin+Onvia

We host a community of procurement professionals who believe in the mutual benefits of information exchanges

Commerce Intelligence in B2G

The data-driven approach to government contracting

GovWin+Onvia’s B2G Intelligence System expands your opportunity advantage:

Data Volume & Value:

Solicitations and high-value data exposed to a wider field of bidders – including minority, women-owned and small businesses – to assure robust vendor participation

Workflow Adoption & Agility:

Vendors can accelerate bidding, via easy-to-use technologies, giving your agency more time to define needs, compare bids and start projects

Broadest Line of Sight:

Connections between professionals, sharing insight into current activity, future trends and historic contract data, to elevate the performance of government purchasing

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