Publication Date: July 2017

Onvia’s State, Local and Education (SLED) Procurement Snapshot reports on a second straight quarter of strong growth in bid volume for the second quarter of 2017. Slightly faster than last quarter’s already robust growth rate, the current quarter is the highest yet recorded in this series.

Growth is not uniform across the major market segments and the analysis delves deeper into these differences by industry and level of government to help provide additional insights and perspective for public sector sales, marketing and business development professionals.

New to this edition is a special analysis of the cyclical nature of growth in the SLED market including reasons for periods of decline and periods of recovery since 2014. This insight can assist in strategic business planning and forecasting by providing context for the recent uptick in growth this year.

Further, the most successful companies pursuing business with the government don’t limit their sales to SLED, they also diversify to include federal contracts in their portfolio. For this edition, we invited B2G sales and marketing expert and author Larry Allen, President of Allen Federal Business Partners, to share advice outlining insider strategies for maximizing win-rates ahead of the federal fiscal year-end (Sept 30th).

Readers of this quarter’s report will:

  • Learn more about the current contracting environment and the factors driving recent growth
  • Identify the longer-term “purchasing cycle” and how recent trends fit into this cyclical pattern
  • Discover which industries and types of projects have the highest rates of growth
  • Monitor contracting trends by type of agency to identify growth in market size and differences by type of buyer
  • Track differences in bid & RFP growth rates by state
  • Explore the importance and impact of agency spending trends on procurement activity within each industry
  • Review best practices in selling, marketing and outreach to federal government agencies and the importance of the fiscal year-end

For this report, Onvia’s market research team used government contracting data drawn from Onvia’s B2G Intelligence System (B2GIS), including awards and future spending plans from tens of thousands of state and local government agencies. Get the most comprehensive and timely state, local and education market analysis available by requesting your complimentary copy of the report today.