Onvia’s Q4 2014 State, Local and Education (SLED) Procurement Snapshot reflects on bid and RFP trends within the state and local government contracting market for the most recent quarter.

For the Q4 2014 edition of the report, Onvia’s market analysis is complemented by a special feature on cooperative purchasing with Voight Shealy, Director of Marketing, Education and Outreach for WSCA-NASPO, a leading cooperative purchasing association. In the feature, readers will learn how WSCA-NASPO and cooperative purchasing entities in general help both vendors and agencies reduce costs associated with government contracting and procurement. Shealy also adds perspective on WSCA-NASPO’s growth rate and their outlook for future growth.

Readers of this quarter’s report will:

  • Identify relative flatness in bidding opportunities for the full year, up 0.2% annually
  • Learn about the 4.9% decline in competitive bidding opportunities for Q4 ’14 vs. Q4 ‘13
  • Discover two economic factors driving potential growth in 2015
  • Analyze bidding opportunity trends by industry sector and level of government

For this report, Onvia’s market research team used Onvia’s proprietary database of government contracting opportunities, awards and future spending plans from tens of thousands of state and local government agencies to describe government industry trends in the state, local and education procurement market.