Against the backdrop of an improving economy, state, local and education (SLED) governments have been able to grow their volume of published bids and RFPs at a historically strong pace over the past year. But looking beyond these overall averages reveals a wide range of differences. A small number of hotspots are increasing at a much faster pace compared to other specific market segments. These examples of faster growth reflect important themes affecting the SLED marketplace.

GovWin+Onvia has identified the top 10 hotspots in the 2018 SLED market in our 4th annual edition of this report. Our goal is to provide government contractors with valuable market data, the context behind current procurement growth trends and actionable insight to win more government business.

The SLED market analysis team at GovWin+Onvia analyzed more than 4,000+ unique industry smart tags to uncover the areas showing the greatest rate of recent growth. The results of this analysis reveal 10 unique areas of opportunity growth that fit into distinct themes:

Technology: Government officials are challenged to adopt newer technologies in order to stay competitive, promote smart communities and keep their citizens engaged. 

Efficiency: SLED agencies must continue to find better ways of reducing waste and increasing value for the taxpayer dollar. 

Education: Schools are under pressure to improve educational performance and graduation outcomes for students, with an increased focus on special education programs

Safety: Police departments are taking extra precautions to protect their officers from bodily harm.

Environment: Global warming is driving strong growth in coastal engineering, restoration and coastal zone management.

Pensions: Agencies are responding to the crisis of underfunded pensions with new contracts and a greater commitment to solutions.

Readers of this report will:

  • Learn why these 10 hotspots are growing the fastest
  • Identify growth rates
  • Discover top trends and how they relate to market changes

Download the free report today to learn about these 10 hotspots and use this intelligence to increase your sales pipeline in the SLED market.