Onvia’s 3 Trends Shaping State & Local Contracting Growth in 2015 reflects on important trends that will shape government contracting over the coming year.

  • 2014 Review: A “slowing trend” in competitive opportunities, due to macro political-economic factors, with context for expected changes in 2015.
  • 2015 Trend 1: Potential for stronger growth driven by an expected rebound in government tax revenue and greater bond income for large debt-financed infrastructure projects.
  • 2015 Trend 2: Technology contracting volume gains traction in non-IT industry sectors, with insight into five niche technologies shaping 2015 procurement.
  • 2015 Trend 3: Cooperative purchasing influences the overall state and local agency market, with implications for both local and national competitors.

For this report, Onvia’s market research team used Onvia’s proprietary database of nearly 600,000 government contracting opportunities and future spending plans from tens of thousands of state and local government agencies to describe government industry trends in the state, local and education procurement market. The research team also utilized trends and insights from our quarterly Onvia State & Local Procurement Snapshot reports.