Recent data has shown that the time spent stuck in traffic for the average American driver was up 6% in 2013, averaging 47 hours annually. Onvia’s latest white paper on intelligent transportation systems focuses on how agencies use ITS solutions to address the increase in traffic congestion nationwide and the significant impact ITS has on improving traffic on highways and city roads.

For this white paper, Onvia’s market research team provides infrastructure, engineering and technology firms with useful ITS market insights, a close look into current contract and awards details and a chance to see the future spending plans of government agency decision makers.

Highlights from the paper:

  • The volume of ITS contracts has grown by 13% year-over-year
  • Awards now average nearly $1 million in size
  • Find out which states hold 35% of all ITS contracts

Key takeaways for readers:

  • Learn where the market is, which levels of government and how agencies contract for ITS solutions
  • Key tactics for vendors to win traffic-related contracts
  • In-depth look at awards, winning vendors, types of agencies and future opportunities

Onvia’s proprietary database of bids, RFPs, awards and future spending plans from over 80,000 state and local agencies helps Onvia’s market research team describe government industry trends such as in the intelligent transportation market so you can win more government business.