In this white paper, Onvia presents the leading virtualization purchasing trends in federal, state and local government and reveals who is winning these awards. Onvia’s unique perspective is supported by its comprehensive platform with federal, state and local virtualization projects, awards, bids and RFPs. Our market analysis team then provides insight for IT vendors looking to better understand market opportunities in government and help vendors win more business from agency IT decision-makers over the next 1-3 years.

Highlights from the paper:

  • Which government agencies have the most contracts and which spend more
  • What type of virtualization is the most requested at all levels of government
  • Which brands and products dominate as the platform adoption leaders
  • What type of IT providers dominate the list of top virtualization award vendors

Key takeaways for readers:

  • Award value and volume of projects at the city, county, state and federal level of government
  • The types of vendors that succeed in this market and the top 10 vendors now
  • Key factors that affect award size and scale of project
  • How to assess opportunities and compete for contracts at all levels of government

Onvia’s market analysis team uses Onvia’s proprietary database of awards, bids and RFPs (including Onvia’s Spending Forecast Center), along with industry experts and research, to describe trends and tactics companies should consider to win in this market.