In early 2015 Onvia’s market analysis team reached out to government contractors in all industries and asked them to identify issues and trends affecting their business-to-government (B2G) sales. This survey also asked respondents to consider some of the most important factors that they expect to positively or negatively impact their government business in the coming year.

We dug deeper into the survey results to offer useful findings and insights for executives who want to better understand how to win in the government market, including breakouts by size of government sales and levels of agency served. Decision makers at B2G businesses who download this report will have a unique look at what motivates and worries government contractors in 2015.

Readers of this report will:

  • Discover why the majority of government contractors feel that the year ahead looks better for public sector sales and revenue
  • Understand how expectations for growth are expected to vary by size of current government revenue
  • Find out how contractors that diversify across levels of government agency are more likely to grow
  • Identify the impact of well-funded sales and marketing budgets and cooperative purchasing in determining growth
  • Learn important factors expected to drive government sales growth
  • Gain useful insights into important trends affecting key government industries

Since 2000 Onvia has specialized in providing the data analysis and insights that government vendors and contractors in all industries need to win. Become a leader in B2G sales and download the survey results report today.